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Child’s Play Charity: Gifting Toys to Children in Hospitals

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There are many children that go without toys and gifts during the holidays, especially those who are in hospitals. In the spirit of the holiday season, and to give back to our local communities, we are making donations to various charities in the names of our employees.

Today, on behalf of one of our Associates, Alexander Pilorusso, the Chaffin Luhana Foundation is making a $250 donation to Child’s Play Charity.

Child’s Play works with over 100 hospitals worldwide. According to the organization’s website, “With the help of hospital staff, we set up gift wish lists full of video games, toys, books, and other fun stuff for kids.” The charity lets you view hospitals around the world and send a gift by viewing each unique “wish list.”

We are pleased that Alexander chose to send his donation to Child’s Play. At Chaffin Luhana, we represent people of all ages, including young children. It is truly a great cause.

If you would like to send a donation to Child’s Play, you can click here for a link to their website, or mail a check to:

Child’s Play
8040 1616st Avenue NE, PMB #418
Redmond, WA 98052