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Judge Approves $64 Million Settlement Over Drug Paxil

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A judge in Madison County, Illinois granted final approval in late May for a settlement in a class action deal, in which parents, who purchased GlaxoSmithKline PLC’s Paxil or Paxil CR for their children may seek reimbursement for their purchase of the antidepressant.

The suit alleged that GlaxoSmithKline misled consumers by failing to disclose information about negative side effects, such as increased suicidal behavior. The $64 million deal provides an opportunity for parents to recover money spent on the drug, upon furnishing proof of purchase. Parents who no longer have proof in the form of pharmacy records or receipts may receive up to $100, upon signing a claim form under threat of penalties for lying.

Parents should be advised that claim forms must be filed by August 31, and are available online.

The settlement does not preclude, however, anyone with a personal injury claim, such as parents whose children committed suicide during treatment with Paxil, from suing GlaxoSmithKline. Additionally, insurers and government agencies, which made the majority of payments, may also file suit against the British company.