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Truck Driver Crosses the Center Line; Company Faces Lawsuit

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The West Virginia Record reported on July 22, 2014, that Jeremy Evans had filed a lawsuit in the Logan County Circuit Court against General Pipeline Construction, Inc.

The plaintiff claims the company should be held liable for an accident that occurred on December 2, 2013. He allegedly suffered permanent injuries because of the accident, and is seeking to recover damages.

Plaintiff Sues for Damages After Truck Accident

According to the complaint, Evans was driving near the Three Mile Curve when a truck crossed the center line and collided with his vehicle. General Pipeline Construction owned the vehicle, and Evans believes they should be held responsible. He seeks compensation for medical costs, damages, and interest.

Similar accidents occur frequently between trucks and passenger cars, when drivers accidently cross the center line. On July 23, 2014, for example, a 20-year-old driver crossed the center line into oncoming traffic in Pingree Grove, Illinois, colliding with a van. The driver died after the accident. The driver of the van, a resident of Ohio, was in critical condition.

Possible Factors When Drifting Across the Center Line

Why a driver may drift across the center line isn’t always clear. In September 2014, Bangor Daily News reported on another fatal collision on Route 1A where the driver of the offending vehicle drifted over the center lane and hit an oncoming truck head-on. The driver and two passengers were all killed. Investigators so far haven’t identified the reason the driver crossed over.

Sometimes alcohol or drugs may be to blame. Drivers who are under the influence at the time of the accident are likely to be found responsible for damages. Investigators may find evidence in the vehicle or via breath and blood tests.

Distracted driving is another potential factor in these types of accidents. Drivers who are texting or talking on a cell phone may fail to stay in their own lanes. Those who are eating, looking in the mirror, checking social media sites, or watching Internet videos may also drift across the center line.

Drowsy driving—sometimes caused by over-the-counter medications—may cause drivers to drift into the wrong lane as well. Though many highways now have rumble strips in the center of the road to help prevent these types of accidents, many more do not contain these helpful safety tools.

Sometimes drivers lose control of their vehicles. This was the case in a fatal accident in Michigan. A semi-truck was following two cars when the first began to slow down to turn into a private driveway. The truck driver slammed on his brakes, but lost control, skidding across the center lane and striking a Ford Windstar mini-van. The driver of the van was pronounced dead at the scene.

The weather can also play a part. In a recent September 2014 crash in Louisiana, a Dodge pickup started to hydroplane while traveling on LA 28. He crossed the center line and struck a 2008 GMC truck. All involved suffered injuries, though those in the GMC truck suffered the most severely.

Crossing the Center Line Often Results in Liability

Regardless of the reason the vehicle crossed the center line, victims in this type of accident may be eligible to file a lawsuit to recover damages. In most cases, the vehicle that goes into the wrong lane is at fault. The driver and/or the company that owns the vehicle may be found to be liable.