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Potential Air Bag Issue Sparks Ford Recalls

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GM isn’t the only motor vehicle company dealing with recalls in 2014. Ford Motor Company issued a recall of about 850,000 vehicles on September 26, 2014. This is due to an electrical problem that could cause the air bags to function improperly in an accident.

The following vehicles are being affected by this latest recall. All are the 2013-2014 model year:

• Fusion Sedans
• Escape crossovers
• Lincoln MKZ luxury cars
• C-Max hybrids

According to ABC2 the “restraint control module may experience a short circuit.” This could impact the air bags, and warning lights that correspond to the system. Luckily, no injuries have been reported in connection with this recall.

Ford expects this latest recall to cost them $500 million.

More Ford Recalls Issued Earlier in 2014

Unfortunately the new list of recalls isn’t the first list to come from Ford headquarters. The motor vehicle company recalled over 1 million vehicles due to air bag and door handle problems in May 2014 according to The New York Times. This recall included 2013-2014 vehicle model years including:

• Escape (air bag and door handle issue)
• C-Max (air bag issue)

The air bag issue involved in this recall was one that was supposed to deploy during a vehicle rollover. For some reason, a “computer software issue” could delay deployment and lead to serious injury or death.

Also, the door handle in the above models might not latch properly, causing it to fly open when the consumer is driving down the road.

If you are currently driving a recalled vehicle, make sure to take it promptly to your Ford dealership to get it repaired.

NHTSA Heightens Air Bag Defect Probe in Wake of GM Recalls

The NHTSA is currently probing several vehicles to make sure they fix all air bag defects. This comes after GM recalled over 2.6 million vehicles this past year due to an ignition switch defect that led to air bags not deploying properly.

The GM ignition switch defect has been linked to numerous injuries and at least 19 deaths.

GM is working to repair all recalled vehicles. Make sure to take your recalled vehicle in to a GM dealership today to get it repaired. You could suffer serious, if not fatal, consequences by driving a recalled vehicle.