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Ignition Switch Problem Extends to some Chrysler Vehicles

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The ignition switch problem that has plagued GM is also wreaking havoc for Chrysler. Chrysler Group has issued a recall of over 300,000 2008 model year vehicles for faulty ignition switches. The following vehicles are named in the recall:

• Dodge Charger sedans 2008
• Chrysler 300 sedans 2008
• Jeep Commander SUV 2008
• Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV 2008
• Dodge Magnum station wagons 2008

Of the 349,000 impacted vehicles, 292,224 are in the United States. Chrysler said the ignition switch defect can cause the ignition key to “lodge between ‘start’ and ‘on’” or move to the “off” position. In the first possible scenario, the wipers and defroster might not work. In the second, it would shut off power to the steering, engine, power brakes and other safety features.

So far, there has been one report of a crash due to this recall, but no injuries.

Safety Group Calls for Investigation into Millions of Chrysler Vehicles

The Center for Auto Safety is petitioning regulators to investigate what is causing problems in 4.9 million vehicles. The petition names 2007-2014 model years involving Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep SUV’s, minivans and pickup trucks.

The safety group asked the NHTSA to investigate the “integrated power module.” Problems with it are apparently causing air bag issues, fires, engines stalling and more.

More Recalls for Chrysler

Earlier in September 2014, Chrysler issued another recall affecting 189,000 vehicles. This recall impacts:

• Dodge Durango
• Jeep Grand Cherokee

This affects some of the 2011 models of the above vehicle with 3.6 liter V6 or 5.7 liter V8 engines. This recall was due to a fuel pump problem. Dealerships are set to replace fuel pumps starting October 24, 2014. The Center for Auto Safety is arguing that more vehicles should be recalled due to this problem.

In June 2014, the NHTSA announced plans to investigate a 2012 recall of 744,822 Chrysler vehicles due to an air bag malfunction. Even after the problem was fixed, 6 consumers reported that the air bags deployed unintentionally, allegedly leading to cuts and burns.

You as the consumer need to call your dealership if you believe you own a recalled Chrysler vehicle. Dealerships will fix recalls for free and save you from personal injury.

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  1. Micheline Brooks says:
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    My daughter;s Jeep Grand Cherokee died on her last September as she was arriving home with her two children. It had to be towed and she was told that her key stopped communicating with the computer. She had to have new keys reprogrammed. If she had been going 65 miles an hour on the freeway she would have been killed along with her children. Is this the same as a faulty ignition switch problem.